Excel COUNTBLANK Function

This tutorial explains how to use the Excel COUNTBLANK function.


The Excel COUNTBLANK function counts the number of blank cells in a range of cells.

Use the COUNTA function to count only cells that are not blank.
Use the COUNT function to count only cells that contain numbers.
Use the COUNTIF function to count cells that meet single criteria.
Use the COUNTIFS function to count cells that meet multiple criteria.


  • range: The range from which you want to count the blank cells.

Cells that contain numbers, text and errors are not counted.

Cells with formulas that return empty text (“”) are considered blank and will be counted.

COUNTBLANK will not count the cells with zero value.


Here is our sample data.

1 Date Code Name Qty Price ($) Amount ($) Employee
2 10/1/2016 Item0001 HP Desktop PC 3 225 675
3 10/2/2016 Item0001 HP Desktop PC 2 750 1500 John
4 10/3/2016 Item0003  Sony Desktop PC 2 235 470
5 10/4/2016 Item0002 DP Desktop PC 3 785 2355


In the example above, COUNTBLANK counts the number of cells (that are blank) in cells D2 through G5. The return value of the COUNTBLANK formula is 3. As you can see, there are 16 cells in the range D2:G5, but three cells are blank.

In this tutorial, you learned how to use the Excel COUNTBLANK function. Use the Excel COUNTBLANK function when you want to count the number of blank cells.

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