Change Taskbar Location in Windows 10

As you know, the default  position of taskbar  is on the bottom of the screen. However, we can change it to the different locations such as Top, Right or Left. If you want to do so, please follow the instruction in this article.

Use mouse to move the taskbar location

Click the taskbar and drag it to the left, the right or the to top. You can can’t move the task if you lock it. In order to move it, you need to unlock it first.

To unlock the taskbar, just right click the taskbar and then click “Lock the taskbar”  to uncheck it.

Unlock Taskbar in Windows 10

Unlock Taskbar in Windows 10

Change taskbar in Taskbar settings

Right click on taskbar and click “Taskbar setting”. You will see “Taskbar settings” screen. Scroll down and you’ll see the screen as shown below.

Taskbar Settings in Windows 10

Taskbar Location Setting in Windows 10

Click the selection box and choose the location that you want.

In this article, you have learned how to change the taskbar location in Windows 10.